My experience with Louise was fantastic. Louise has a rare and valuable combination of skillsets, that stood out from the first consultation. First and foremost, she has an excellent grasp of the laws and is quickly able to define the core issues. In my case, she was able to form these issues into a robust strategy framework, breaking down the defense and moving the case from negotiation to mediation in less that 6 weeks! Louise was equally adept in mediation, easily moving the defense and negotiating an outstanding settlement. I was extremely impressed. But it wasn't this skillset alone that led to a successful outcome to the case. In addition to Louise's professional skills, her people skills are what truly made the difference. She was genuinely sympathetic to me and empathetic towards my situation, putting me at ease with her passion and integrity. Just as importantly, she was able to deftly translate this empathy and passion when dealing with the defense, building a case that was both legally strong and would play well to a jury on a personal level. It was this combination that led to an extremely quick and positive settlement. It goes without saying, I highly recommend Louise Smith. She is a brilliant lawyer and a wonderful person to work with.