Praise for SMITH LAW

Testimonials found on this website are actual client reviews of the Dacula, Georgia attorneys of SMITH LAW, LLC. We appreciate our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

Our family cannot begin to express how grateful we are to have found Mrs. Smith. As our lives were shattering around us, she picked up the pieces and guided us to success. She defended us, stood up for us, and emotionally carried us many times throughout our case. Louise is trustworthy, and we knew we were safe with her. We knew that every step of the way, she had our best interest at heart and that she would make sure everything was perfect.

Not long ago, Mrs. Smith represented me in a case against a previous employer. I had been shorted hours. Within a very short time period, Mrs. Smith got the company to settle. She was very efficient and diligent, and I deeply appreciate her and everything she did for me.

Attorney William J. Smith is an exceptional lawyer who is very knowledgeable in the field of law. He goes beyond the call of duty to respond legally and professionally on your behalf to the opposing attorney for meetings and mediation. I expect the best at trial with Attorney William J. Smith. He is trustworthy and knowledgeable, and kept me well informed with dates and preparations for legal warfare. He is the best, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney.

SMITH LAW provided excellent legal service with a personable touch. After each communication, I was told that it was a pleasure serving me, but the pleasure was all mine. I would recommend SMITH LAW with the utmost confidence and no hesitation.

I was highly surprised at the level of service received from SMITH LAW. I have used other attorneys' services in the past, and my experience with them was not as superior as it was at this Firm. No delays, no waiting for days, weeks for returned phone calls; honesty and frankness about my situation; basically being treated. I was more than highly satisfied with the outcome, but nevertheless I felt that whatever happened I had the best person speaking on my behalf.

I live in the Middle Georgia area and needed an attorney. A local attorney friend suggested SMITH LAW. From the first call to the case completion, I was completely awed by their knowledge and professionalism. Attorney Louise N. Smith and her law partner worked tirelessly to ensure that I was compensated for having my rights violated. I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome. SMITH LAW led me carefully through this process and brought it to a prompt conclusion. I would recommend SMITH LAW to anyone needing a law firm that is willing to give the same dedication to their case.

Mr. Smith, thank you for your prompt and professional services.

My attorney, Louise, was amazing! First of all, my initial consultation was free. I have never received a free legal consultation in my life. And even more importantly, I didn’t really think I had a case. Louise quickly assessed my situation, and told me that I did have a case. Once we got the ball rolling, my case was resolved with lightening speed, and I received my judgment just as quickly.

Louise Smith was exceptional.

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and professional, Louise went the extra mile not only in doing the research needed, but also in making sure that my case was handled quickly, getting me a settlement I was happy with. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who needed legal counsel.

William Smith is probably the most honest lawyer that exists in the state of Georgia. He is very knowledgeable regarding real estate law, and is very attentive to his clients. However, this does not mean that he can't handle other cases, he's also a trial attorney. My friend and I were losing our homes to the dirtbag big banks, and spent a week calling attorneys to find someone who could help us. The first thing that 99% of them said was, 'That will be a $2,000 dollar retainer,' without even asking us about our case or giving us five minutes of their time. Let's be honest, we all know that most lawyers are dirtbags who have maybe one hair of honesty on their heads, and maybe they lost that one. But this guy is 100% the real deal. Give him a call, you will never regret it. God bless.

I was very impressed by the way SMITH LAW handled my case as well as their kindness to me personally during a distressing time in my life. Through their efforts, a resolution was reached that I am happy with, and I feel might not have been reached so readily with other representation.

The experience that I had working with Louise Smith was great. I could not have asked for a better lawyer.

The recommendation I received from my attorney friend to contact SMITH LAW was as swift a reaction to my need as I have ever received. From that moment until the settlement, I always had 'the feeling' that my case was in the most capable hands. SMITH LAW's professionalism, knowledge, advice, research, and overall attitude toward me and my case are very much appreciated.

SMITH LAW was very attentive and tenacious to the matters at hand, and ensured that I received fair and just results! At not ONE point did they leave a stone NOT turned! SMITH LAW exceeded my expectations!

Feeling overwhelmed by a pending lawsuit, and having had a poor and financially draining experience with a law firm in the past, I was desperate to locate someone who I could trust. I was referred to SMITH LAW. I took a deep breath, and decided to call for a consultation. As I talked to Ms. Louise Smith, I knew that I had made the right phone call. Ms. Smith made me feel completely at ease. She was sympathetic, and exuded confidence in her ability to help me. The night following my phone call to SMITH LAW, I had the first good night sleep that I had had for a couple of months. Ms. Smith had assured me with absolutely no pressure that if I decided to retain her, she could handle the case in an expedited manner, and with very little turmoil. Ms. Smith discussed her fee with me at the end of the conversation, which was extremely fair, and a payment arrangement was designed with my input. Ms. Smith did exactly what she promised. She handled the situation quickly, and more effectively than I could have hoped for. I highly recommend SMITH LAW. It is not a typical law firm. You will be met with kindness, fairness, and honesty. You will feel as though you were dealing with a family friend who has your best interests at heart. I was blessed to find this firm. You will be too.

I called SMITH LAW after several no calls and rejections from other law firms. Mrs. Louise Smith literally called me backed within hours, which set the tone for how she handled my case. I live two hours from Atlanta, and even though I never had to step foot in Mrs. Smith's office, she was still extremely prompt with case updates and information. Mrs. Smith also made me feel like I was her only client because she was always reachable, and I never spoke to an assistant. Mrs. Smith is honest and compassionate, and she delivered in the outcome in the case. I am extremely pleased. I definitely recommend SMITH LAW to anyone who seeks legal representation. Hopefully I will never be in this predicament again, but if so, I want SMITH LAW to represent me. Thank you SMITH LAW for everything.

All I can say is that the attorneys at SMITH LAW were totally honest from day one. They explained if I did or didn't have a case, and they didn't make me feel used as a money sign like other companies do. Louise and William Smith treated me like I was a part of their family. They helped me feel totally stress free. I will recommend them to all my friends and family.

My experience with SMITH LAW was awesome from the beginning until the end. Attorney Louise Smith was patient, compassionate, professional, and most importantly knowledgeable with my legal matters every step of the way. I am extremely blessed to have had Attorney Louise Smith fighting for me. I will gladly recommend SMITH LAW.

My experience with SMITH LAW has been more than satisfying. Working with Louise Smith was refreshing as she kept me abreast of any communications as well as provided a realistic approach to my case. I would strongly recommend SMITH LAW to anyone seeking legal advisement.

SMITH LAW was awesome. I’m so impressed with how Louise Smith handled my case. I’ve never had to pursue legal action in my life and I have to say it was not what I had thought it would be. It was effortless on my part because Louise handled it all, and just gave me updates on a regular basis. I was never stressed or worried and I felt that Louise represented me to the fullest. The funny part is I really wasn't sure if I had a case. Not only did I have a case, but I won it. I will definitely refer Louise to anyone that has a legal matter with pleasure.

I will be forever grateful to SMITH LAW for their professional advice and conduct, but even more for the passion and sincere care that was given to me. I can truly say that it was exceptional.

SMITH LAW made my legal experience one that was very encouraging throughout the entire process. I will gladly refer others to SMITH LAW for their legal experience. I want SMITH LAW to know all the hours that they spent uplifting me and my family was greatly appreciated. Their kind heart and spirit, and their above and beyond attitude was super.

I would like to say thanks to SMITH LAW especially Louise Smith who has given me closure in this case. She worked very hard from the beginning to the end, and always kept me informed of what was going on with the case, but most of all, Louise treated me like family. She listened to me and gave me expert advice which in the end was GREAT... Thank you, thank you for giving me closure and allowing me to move on to the next stage of my life.

Ever since I have been associated with SMITH LAW as a client I have been highly satisfied. Attorney Louise Smith was extremely thorough and professional. I couldn't have chosen a better law firm to represent me, and I was very pleased with the final settlement. I would strongly recommend SMITH LAW LLC 100%.

I would like to take this time to thank SMITH LAW for representing me when other law firms basically brushed me away. When I first spoke with Louise, she made me feel at ease and informed me that my case had merit. From that moment, I knew that I had found a WINNER in SMITH LAW. The Firm's representation was OUTSTANDING!!!! I am still in shock at how fast the Firm was able to get my case resolved with compensation. I must say, Louise and Bill make one heck of a team. My recommendation to anyone seeking a law firm that is honest, keeps you informed, and works quickly - SMITH LAW. Thanks for all your hard work and time!

Ms. Smith was very informative, responsive and helpful throughout our case. She was always very approachable and personable. We were very pleased with the outcome of our case as well. I would definitely recommend SMITH LAW to anyone, or company needing representation.

SMITH LAW has now represented me twice, very successfully both times, and has shown a caring, reasonable, and professional manner each time. I could not be happier with the results of the Firm's representation on my behalf and will call on the Firm again if and as the need arises.

I'm happy that I picked SMITH LAW to handle my case. They looked out for my best interests all the way. They sat me down and came up with a plan on how they were going to move forward with my case, and it worked just like they said. I got great results, and I will definitely use SMITH LAW again.

The Smith Law Firm is exceptional! Attorney Louise Smith is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She always answered my calls and responded to my messages promptly, regardless of the time of the day. Mrs. Smith walked me through every step in the process, and was of great encouragement to me. What I appreciate most about the Smith Law Firm is they actually care about their clients .... You don't see that with a lot of other law firms, which is why the Smith Law Firm is incomparable. In addition, Mrs. Smith resolved my case quickly and exceeded all of my expectations. If it's not obvious already, I highly recommend the Smith Law Firm!

Recently I had the good fortune of being referred to Louise Smith and retaining her as my attorney to represent me in a settlement conflict with my former employer. I was immediately impressed with the knowledge, skill, and determination with which she approached my case. But I am mostly appreciative of the support she gave me, standing right by my side until I received a settlement offer with which we were both satisfied. I would highly recommend Louise Smith and would definitely use her services again.

I have nothing but great things to say about my experience working with Louise Smith. She came highly recommended and never disappointed. She returned every phone call, set my expectations at realistic levels, and always kept me informed as my case progressed. In the end, an above expectation award through a law firm that I would absolutely recommend to anyone needing great advice and solid representation!

If you need legal assistance and want a knowledgeable lawyer that you can trust, I highly recommend Ms. Louise Smith. In addition to providing expert advice and counsel, she was very compassionate, understanding and professional. From my initial contact with her through the conclusion of my case, she was prompt in returning my calls and provided the guidance and support I needed to keep me on track for the best possible outcome. I feel blessed that I was able to retain her services!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Attorney Bill Smith for his efforts regarding my case, and to let him know that his professionalism, quality-oriented work ethics, timeliness, and cost effectiveness are recognized and appreciated. From the day of my initial visit until we wrapped up the case, Bill provided professional support throughout. I would gladly recommend SMITH LAW to anyone asking for a referral. Well done.

My experience with SMITH LAW was terrific. From day one everything that my attorney told me to expect came to pass. Each time I reached out to attorney Louise Smith, I was able to reach her directly. She gave me comfort in a time that I really needed it. Attorney Bill and Louise Smith are true professionals and true to their word.

SMITH LAW is the best law firm I've ever dealt with. They get the job done fast.

Louise and Bill were simply great lawyers... I could not have asked for a better pair. They were thorough, honest, responsive and professional the entire time. I can't say enough great things about them, I would recommend them again and again! (Thank you for all that you did for my family and I).

SMITH LAW went above and beyond from what I ever expected in a law firm, and from my experience is definitely above the rest. SMITH LAW always portrayed a high degree of intelligence, was quick with responses, and never left me wondering what was next even when the chips were down but forging through with a "WIN". I applaud SMITH LAW with setting a new standard in the legal profession, bar none. Keep up the Good work!

I was having an issue with my employer for not getting paid for two months that I worked. I reached out to over 10 attorneys. All, except one attorney, stated that they are sorry that they are not able to help me at this time. I received a phone call from Louise Smith from SMITH LAW stating that she was interested in my case. I was very happy after being turned down by the other law firms. Louise stayed in touch with me until we met in her office. We talked about my situation, she took down the information and we proceeded to move forward. Louise filed a lawsuit, and in less than two months the company that I filed the lawsuit against agreed to settle. I was so happy, because I was very stressed out. I was sick and so concerned about the situation. Not only did Louise serve as my attorney, she was a friend as well. I never worked so closely and felt so comfortable with an attorney. Louise helped to ease all of my worries and she also asked me to pray about moving forward with the lawsuit. Louise stated that she felt very confident in my case and that she doesn't take on cases she cannot win. Louise was absolutely right. She brought my case to justice, and I am very satisfied with her service. I will highly recommend her to anyone and I will stand strong behind my recommendation. SMITH LAW is not a law firm that is all about making money, the attorneys care a lot about their clients, and the needs of their clients come first. I am a living testimony that will stand before anyone to let them know that. Louise treated me with so much respect, and I could always reach her with no problem. I will never forget her and how much she helped me. God is so good, and Louise is truly one of His angels. I am no longer sick and stressed out. Thank you Louise and SMITH LAW.

SMITH LAW was extremely timely, dependable, reliable, professional and honest.

Mrs. Louise Smith is a good Christian woman who went above and beyond to get me what I deserved. I contacted a few attorney offices and none of them called me back. I was at the brink of giving up, but something told me to keep looking and I came across SMITH LAW. I sent a message via their website and was contacted almost immediately by a staff member. She took my information and said an attorney would be in contact within 24 hours, but I was called back within 10 minutes! That is superior customer service! Louise was optimistic in my case, but straight up/truthful at the same time (I loved that about her). She worked extremely hard and diligently on my case and stayed in constant contact at the same time. When things weren't looking up in my favor, Louise went into overdrive exhausting all options. In the end, it worked out in my favor and it happened rather quickly. I am so GRATEFUL, that we crossed paths. I am THANKFUL for everything she did for my family, and I am APPRECIATIVE of all of her hard work and dedication!!! She kept going when I wanted to give up. Louise, your prayers and faith in God did it and I can never thank you enough! I highly recommend your firm to anyone that needs a top-notch Christian attorney!!!

Mrs. Smith is an outstanding attorney. She is responsive, thorough, and creative in her advice, and she is also genuinely understanding to my specific needs and situation. I highly recommend Mrs. Smith and SMITH LAW to anyone requiring legal assistance that wants to be treated like a valued client, and not just like another paycheck to a law firm. They went way above and beyond anything I ever expected. Thank you for all your help and God bless.

I want to thank Louise Smith for representing me. I truly appreciate her expertise, professionalism and empathy that gave me peace of mind. I am really happy that she obtained a judgment in my favor.

Bill and Louise were very professional, informative and engaged from start to finish. I could not be happier with the quality of the representation that I received.

I had the pleasure of Mrs. Smith handling my case, which was very fortunate for me. Mrs. Smith was very professional, very courteous and she was concerned about me. Mrs. Smith handled my case very professionally. Whenever I had a question, Mrs. Smith was available to answer it or email me anytime that I emailed her. She kept in contact, and she kept me updated on everything that followed along in my case. I'm thankful for this lawyer.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! I believe God led me to SMITH LAW for a good reason. Louise did an outstanding job. I never would have made it through without her encouragement.

I would like to express my deep appreciation for all of the help Attorney Louise Smith gave me. She made me at ease with the entire process, keeping me in the loop at all times. She went above and beyond what she needed to do for my case. I recommend SMITH LAW to fight for you and help you understand your rights.