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Forensics researcher photographing a blood at a murder scene

Violence at Apartment and Mobile Home Communities: Do I have a personal injury claim?

My name is Suzy. I live in an apartment complex. I was raped in my apartment by a maintenance worker who is employed by the property management company that operates my apartment complex. I filed a police report and notified the property management c… Read More
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Race Discrimination and R…

Race Discrimination and Retaliation: Hayes v. ATL Hawks, LLC et al.

Briefing in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals is completed in Hayes v. ATL Hawks, LLC et al. This case involves a black security manager, Samuel R. Hayes, III, who was fired from his job with the Atlanta Hawks in 2016 after complaining about raci… Read More
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COVID-19 and Wrongful Ter…

COVID-19 and Wrongful Termination

My name is Rob. I have worked as a full-time cashier for six months at a grocery store. I am a Type II Diabetic. My diabetes is uncontrolled. As a result of that condition, my chance of recovering from COVID-19 is much worse than a non-diabetic perso… Read More
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Equal Pay for Equal Work!

Equal Pay for Equal Work!

My name is Sandy. I am female. I work at Company X as a Sales Specialist. Recently, a male colleague disclosed that his annual salary is $12,000.00 more than my annual salary. Although he has a different job title—he is called a Sales Analyst—we… Read More
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Non-Compete Agreements: A…

Non-Compete Agreements: Am I Banned from Working on Planet Earth?

I was recently fired from my job at Company X. I received a separation notice and a copy of the non-compete agreement that I had signed when I started working for Company X. The non-compete agreement states that I cannot perform the same or similar d… Read More
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The Family Medical Leave…

The Family Medical Leave Act: Understanding Your Right to Job-protected Leave

Human Resources told me that I did not qualify for leave under the FMLA because I had worked full time at the company for 11.5 months only. At the end of my six-week leave period, Human Resources told me that the Company had decided to terminate me.… Read More
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Is an Employee Entitled to Commissions Paid After Termination? It Depends.

If you were a commissioned salesperson and you were separated from your job, you may wonder whether you’re entitled to receive the commissions you earned while employed, but that became payable after your separation. The answer to that question typ… Read More
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Eleventh Circuit Halts Resegregation of Alabama Public High School

The Eleventh Circuit recently overturned a district court’s decision to permit a public high school in a predominantly white city in Alabama to secede from the Jefferson County school system. See Stout v. Jefferson Cty. Bd. of Educ., 882 F.3d 988 (… Read More
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Categories: Civil Rights

Thou Shalt Not Discourage: An FMLA Cautionary Tale for Employers

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently vacated a district court’s summary judgment order on the basis that a jury could find that the defendant employer interfered with the plaintiff employee’s rights under the Family Medical Leave Act (F… Read More
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Categories: FMLA

No Joke. Hiring Policies that have a Discriminatory Impact on Older Job Seekers Are Lawful

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting en banc, recently affirmed a district court’s dismissal of a plaintiff’s disparate impact claim under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) because the plaintiff was a job applicant,… Read More
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